Meetings held at the library are subject to State regulations. The Attorney General of the State of Mississippi states that, “organizations or individuals cannot use public facilities for commercial ventures” and that, “a municipality may not provide use of public buildings to individuals, businesses or corporations for activities for profit.” Thank you for your cooperation.

1. All meetings will be free and open to the public and the media. No admission fees or dues may be charged nor may a collection or donation be taken up.
2. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.
3. Reservations are made by submitting an online form.
4. Individuals/groups are allowed only one reservation on the schedule at a time.
5. Rooms are reserved in hour blocks, up to a maximum reserved time of four hours.
6. Reservations will be released if an individual or group representative is more than 15 minutes late.
7. Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
8. The fact that a group meets at the library does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s objectives, policies or beliefs.
9. All meetings must be consistent with library use. Activities with high noise levels, such as music or singing, will not be permitted in the study rooms.
10. Use of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the study rooms or anywhere on library property.
11. Occupancy limits of the rooms are determined by the City of Hattiesburg and may not be exceeded. The furniture placement in each room is a factor in the occupancy limits and, as such, may not be re-arranged.
12. The library does not provide any equipment and/or other items for use; including extension cords, TVs, VCRs, easels.
13. No materials may be pinned, stapled, taped or otherwise affixed to the library’s walls, doors or furniture.
14. The individual reserving the room is responsible for the condition and appearance of the study room during and immediately following the meeting. Said individual will pay the cost of repair/replacement of any damages to the facility.
15. The individual reserving the room is responsible for maintaining order and protecting library property. Persons attending the meetings are subject to all library rules and regulations. Programs may not be conducted that will disturb library patrons or damage the facilities.
16. Use of food or beverages in prohibited in the study rooms.
17. The Library will not be responsible for materials or equipment owned by a group or individual and used in the library. Such materials must be removed from the library at the end of the meeting for which they were used.
18. The library cannot dispense information to the public about meetings or take messages for those attending meetings.
19. Publicity may only mention the library as the location of a meeting. No individual or group may claim an association with the library.
20. The temperature throughout the building is maintained by computer at an off-site location. The library staff cannot make temperature adjustments.
21. Failure to comply with the study room policies and procedures will result in loss of use privileges.
22. Legal Indemnification: Tenant covenants to and shall indemnify and save harmless Landlord from and against any and all liability, penalties, damages, expenses and judgments by reason of any injury or claim of injury to persons or property, of any nature and however caused, arising out of the use, occupation and control of the above described facility, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and other costs of litigation.